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Archives: Feb 2016

A Tooth’s Worst Nightmare:  Sugar and Acid

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Do you rely on energy drinks and sweet tea to power you through the day?  The things you eat and drink can have a big impact on how at risk you are for developing cavities.  We have many different kinds of bacteria in our mouths.  Some bacteria feed on […]

Overcoming Dental Fear With Sedation Dentistry

A wonderful patient came to our office as a referral from some sedation education that she found on our website. She’d been avoiding the dentist for a quite long time. She was in her early 40s and she felt that she could do cleanings and had done cleanings in the past, but anything more than a cleaning […]

Invisalign – Restoring Smiles and Function

Straightening teeth has long been a divisive issue among dental patients, due to the uncomfortable site of metal braces. Invisalign has revolutionized straightening teeth by using clear aligners, allowing you to maintain smile self-esteem throughout the entire straightening process. Yet, too often patients who desire straight teeth will delay their treatment. Some patients will even […]

A Valentine’s Day Smile Makeover – A Wife’s Surprise

She was always so self-conscious about her smile. White spots left over from braces had always been a part of her smile. As she reached her early 50’s the leftover white spots became a point of concern. As time wore on the white spots turned into brown spots and so did the self-conscious behavior. Her […]

A Healthy Mouth For A Healthy Body

Have you been delaying your dental checkup?  Putting your dental health on hold can cause you to develop more serious oral diseases, but the problems may not stop there. There are strong associations between people having poor oral health and developing heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. When these conditions affect our loved ones, or us […]