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We’ll Keep You Comfy

we'll keep you comfy

Anxiety Free Dentistry

Are you one of the 60% of our population that does not go to the dentist? Why do most Americans not seek dental care, yet 85-90% of all adults have bleeding gums? Why is gum disease the number one disease in the world? Fear. Fear is the #1 objection on why people don’t go to the dentist. Fear of cost, fear of pain, fear of time, and any other number of reservations surface when people make decisions about their dental health. Time at the dentist has long been associated with pain and anxiety, but those days are finished. Our nurturing staff with the aid of industry leading technology is changing that negative stereotype every day. We help patients consistently achieve their best smile and dental health goals, by overcoming all of their different objections with anxiety free dentistry.

Why Our Patients Like Coming To See Us

The list is long, but who is keeping tabs?

  • Patient access to anesthesiologist services
  • Doctors & staff truly care about your well-being
  • Advanced dental degrees allow us to offer a wide range of dental services
  • Dental implants are as close to permanent as you getcomfort
  • We can fix your smile without clunky braces
  • We provide a comfortable,  anxiety-free environment
  • Feel no pain with sedation dentistry
  • We create convenient payment solutions
  • Overcome insurance policy limitations
  • Accomplish multiple procedures in 1 visit
  • Same day dental crowns
  • Transparent pricing

We Want to Educate You

From the very first moment that we sit down with you, we want to educate you on every nuance of your treatment plan and what is available to you. We set goals that you can accomplish and work with you every step of the way to accomplish those goals. We also want you to hear our patient success stories and how they overcame their objections. Great dental health is a lifetime effort and we want to empower you to smile with confidence.