About Us

Since 2004, we've treated thousands...

Dr. Schmidt founded Reflections Dental Care in 2004 with his wife, Stephanie. Since then, he’s built a team of caring and experienced doctors, hygienists, assistants and more. Read on to learn what makes our clinic different. 

The new way to dentist.

Our goal is to be the best dental team in Oklahoma City. We want to be the most engaged, highly-trained team, expressing our God given potential for delivering the highest level of service to our patients. We will put your best interest ahead of our own, as we help you set your goals and give you options for treatment. You choose the level of care you want, so you can truly experience the freedom to have the smile of your dreams.


We want you to have an amazing experience every time you walk in. From comfort to convenience, we create an environment for you that serves YOU. Our advanced technology affords our patients multiple solutions for treatment, all at one location. From dental implants to sedation dentistry and other services, we are focused on you achieving your most confident smile.

okc dental assistants


With over 13 people on staff, we all play different roles, but we’re all playing with one goal in mind: great care for our patients. Our team continues to get better and better all the time through trainings, seminars and team building activities. We have found that our patients benefit the most when we all embrace our unique strengths for one common purpose.


Dentistry doesn’t have to hurt! We have a saying around here, “Relax. You’re at the dentist.” Our staff is trained to put you in control of your experience. If you feel discomfort or pain, you signal by raising your hand. This allows us to stop, get you more numb or take care of any discomfort you are experiencing.


We love practicing family dentistry and treating multiple generations! Our patients range in age from 3 to over 100. Our professional staff is always focused on making you and your family experience as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re coming in for your grandchild’s first checkup or your own 100th, we will take great care and offer you the best treatment for your unique needs.


We created a great environment where kids are able to relax and not worry about their visit. Early exposure to our office is fun and productive, allowing the child to feel comfortable with our team, as well as the dental instruments that we use to check the health of their teeth. Younger patients are treated according to age and development. We discuss dental issues in language children can understand. We educate parents on how to maintain healthy habits in children


Our community outreach grows each and every year. Taking care of those in need is a foundation of our practice. We are all in this together, and we will remain committed in our service to the local community through donations, volunteer work, and even a free clinic (Dentistry from the Heart) one day a year for anyone who cannot afford quality dental services.