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Root Canals


So many times our patients feel extremely anxious about receiving a root canal even when there is an understanding that root canal therapy is designed to eliminate pain. From the very moment you walk in the door, we are focused on keeping you as relaxed and comfortable as possible, while we help you achieve a pain free and healthy state.

Causes of root canals:


Untreated cavity

Direct tooth trauma

Deep decay


In some cases, a patient may be prescribed antibiotics.


Why Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?


Root canals are needed, because the core of the tooth has become infected. The core (pulp) of the tooth is the lifeblood of the tooth made up of blood vessels and nerves. The pulp supplies the tooth with nutrients and fluids and it is where sensations of hot and cold are felt. When bacteria reaches the soft, inner tissues, it causes infection, which slowly kills the tooth. The infection can cause major pain and discomfort. Major tooth infections if left untreated can be fatal. Root canal therapy relieves pain and restores dental health quickly.


How It Works


The treatment area is gently and thoroughly numbed with a local anesthetic. The damaged material is carefully removed and the inner tooth is accessed. All traces of contamination within the root canal are removed. Therefore, the root canal is cleansed and sanitized then a sealant material is applied into the root canal, preventing further damage. A restoration is placed over the treated tooth with the pain of the sensitive tooth being long forgotten.


With root canal therapy, we will restore your comfort and improve your oral health. At the first sign of tooth pain, contact Reflections Dental Care at 405-563-7097 for a consultation with the best Oklahoma City root canal dentist.