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Family Dentistry

family dentistry okc

Family Dentistry OKC Expert- Dr. Schmidt With His Patients

We love practicing family dentistry and treating multiple generations! Our patients range in age from three to over 100. Our professional staff is always focused on making you and your family’s experience as comfortable as possible.

Fun & Productive For Kids

We have created a great environment, where kids are able to relax and not worry about their dental visit. Early exposure to our office is fun and productive, giving the child familiarity with our team, as well as the dental instruments that we use to check the health of teeth. Younger patients are treated according to their age and development. Our Pediatric Focus:

  • We discuss dental issues in a language children can understand
  • We educate parents on how to maintain healthy habits in children
  • Parents can feel confident bringing their children to Reflections
  • Our comfortable environment helps kids relax
  • We work with parents to facilitate a positive experience

Avoid Cavities & Gum Disease

The health of our teeth and gums depends on how well we care for them. Common dental problems like cavities and gum disease do not have to occur.Develop healthy hygiene early by:

  • Brushing twice a day for a full 2 minutes
  • Floss daily
  • Regular dental visits
  • Some patients require more than 2 dental visits per year

Fluoride free toothpaste is recommended for young children who may swallow when brushing their teeth. Once children will no longer swallow toothpaste, they may advance to “big boy” or “big girl” toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Oral Hygiene Is Not an Option

The primary concern of poor oral hygiene is the development of preventable dental problems. Without improved hygiene, there is a significantly higher risk of cavities and gum disease. This leads to a litany of very costly, long-term dental issues.


Cavities are preventable. Two things are needed to cause a cavity: food and bacteria. We can keep bacteria in check with excellent hygiene. Food, we cannot necessarily avoid. Foods that are especially favored by bacteria contain sugar compounds. This means that foods such as bread or pasta can affect teeth. Dr. Schmidt does not expect patients to eliminate all the foods that can cause cavities. What he does encourage is for our patients to practice healthy choices, limiting the amount and frequency of sugary or acidic treats.

Drink Water

Acidic foods and beverages, including coffee and sports drinks, weaken enamel, making teeth more susceptible to oral bacteria. We encourage our patients to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and to follow cavity-causing foods and beverages with drinking water.

If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, or have a problem such as sensitivity, we can help. Call Reflections Dental Care to schedule an appointment with the best family dentist in Oklahoma City.