• Creates evenness in your smile
    • Seals chips or cracks
    • Fills gaps between teeth
    • Covers, shapes, and corrects proportions
    • Corrects crookedness in a tooth or teeth


    A prototype is designed according to patient preferences. The patient wears temporary veneers for a few days, and upon approval, ceramists create the final veneers. In addition to working with the highest degree of precision and consideration for patient complexion and facial esthetics, we partner with an outstanding dental lab and ceramist who creates beauty in the tiniest details of veneers, crowns, and other restorations

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    Veneer treatment is the application of a very thin layer of material onto the front and side surfaces of a tooth or teeth. This cosmetic enhancement may be completed with materials such as composite resin or porcelain, which we offer at Reflections Dental Care. Porcelain is a material that closely resembles natural enamel and is capable of achieving the most natural, most beautiful result. This material is very durable and will not stain.


    Veneers can strengthen teeth and provide a small amount of protection against tooth decay in the covered portion of the tooth. However, it is important to note that veneers cover only the front surfaces of teeth. Brushing and flossing remain vitally important to ongoing oral health and the prevention of cavities on the back surfaces of teeth and in between teeth.

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    Veneers may not be suitable in every situation. Our Oklahoma City dentist performs a dental exam during the consultation for veneers in order to determine if a patient is a good candidate for this treatment. Patients with upper and lower teeth that do not fit together well may achieve ideal results by first correcting bite issues with Invisalign. When bite issues are addressed, the stress placed on teeth will decrease and veneers can last a very long time. Teeth that have large fillings may be best treated with a dental crown that will both fortify and enhance the smile.

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    Porcelain Veneers FAQs

    The cost of porcelain veneers can vary greatly depending on the number of veneers needed, the type of material used, and the dental office performing the procedure. In general, it is estimated that a single veneer can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500, although the average cost is usually closer to $1,200. Why not contact Reflections Dental Care for personalized advice?

    Porcelain veneers typically last between five and fifteen years, although they can sometimes last longer with proper care. To ensure your veneers last as long as possible, it is important to practice good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing regularly, avoiding hard or sticky foods, and visiting your dentist regularly for checkups.

    Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain that are bonded to the front of existing teeth. They are used to improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, chipped, broken, or otherwise imperfect. Veneers can help create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile by hiding imperfections and providing a natural-looking finish.

    The cost of porcelain veneers with insurance can vary greatly depending on the type of coverage you have. Many dental plans include some level of coverage for veneers, so it is important to contact your insurance provider to find out what type of coverage you have and how much you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket.

    All in all, porcelain veneers can be a great investment for those looking to restore their smile and hide imperfections (you only have to ask somebody that has made the same investment!). They are durable, natural-looking, and can last for many years with proper care. It's important to speak to your dentist about the cost and potential risks involved before proceeding.

    Yes, it is possible to get porcelain veneers with missing teeth. Your dentist can recommend the best solution for your needs and may suggest different treatment options such as dental bridges or implants. It's important to discuss your desired results with your dentist to make sure that the best possible approach is taken.

    Porcelain veneers are generally safe when placed by an experienced dentist. However, there are some risks associated with the procedure such as sensitivity, gum recession, and the possibility of chipping or fracturing. It is important to discuss possible risks with your dentist before proceeding with treatment.

    The best age to get veneers depends on a variety of factors, including the health and condition of your teeth. Generally speaking, it is recommended to wait until all of your permanent teeth have grown in before getting porcelain veneers. This will help ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

    The number of teeth needed for a set of veneers typically depends on the desired outcome. If you are looking to restore one or two teeth, then you may only need one or two veneers. However, if you are looking to restore your entire smile, then a full set of veneers may be necessary. Contact Reflections Dental Care and we can provide tailored advice.

    It is not possible to go back to normal teeth after getting veneers. Yet, the veneers can be replaced with new ones if desired. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly to ensure the longevity of your veneers.

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