We’re a local OKC dental practice. Our team of three Oklahoma City dentists often work together, along with our large support staff, to provide the best expertise and treatment possible. Teamwork is the secret to making your experience comfortable, pain-free and even life-changing. Read on to learn more about these dentists. 

OUR Dentists

1000+ dental implants in OKC, over 14+ years of experience, total mouth makeover aficionado, and clinic founder. Local culture junkie.

Lance r schmidt, dds

Root canal fanatic (a little weird but cool if you need a root canal), 12+ years experience, craft dental crown artisan, and really tall.

kimberly greenlee, dds

Kid-friendly dentist, over a decade of experience, as many happy hearts as happy teeth, Myobrace® advocate, and Ironman event competitor!

marie bockus, dds

Passionate about

Patient stories

New Patient Gift

Welcome to Reflections. Upon your first visit, you’ll go home with a welcome gift. 

Raise Your Hand

If ever in discomfort or pain during a procedure, simply raise your hand for more anesthesia.

Comfort menu

Enjoy creature comforts like warm blankets, headphones, and refreshments. 

Personal Follow-up

Our doctors make personal follow-up calls with all patients after their treatment. 

Sedation Options

Reduce or entirely remove anxiety with our many sedation options.

Less than five minute wait

Our patients lead busy, productive lives. Our promise is to respect your schedule.

Obsessed with Excellence

The invisible teeth straightening system trusted by millions.

personalized Smile design consult & Planning

Using special software, our smile makeover patients can actually see what they are going to look like with their new smile, before committing to a full treatment plan. 

Omnicam® 3d scanner

Perfect-match, tooth-colored crowns made possible by 3D scans of your mouth.

The best solution for recreating the look and function of natural teeth. Click for a comprehensive article on dental implants, written by Dr. Schmidt.

Save trips all across town with our in-house custom crown milling device. Click over to our CEREC Dental Crowns page for more info. 

All-on-4 dental implant dentures

All-on-4 is a treatment that replaces the traditional denture, restoring both natural look and confident function. Click over to our All-on-4 dentures page for more info. 

One of the most powerful and effective teeth whitening solutions in the world. 

natural-look, Tooth-colored fillings

These natural-looking fillings restore both function and cosmetic appeal whenever needed. 

The natural way to correct children’s teeth, help them breathe correctly, and live better. For more info and to see some amazing results, click over to our Myobrace page. 

Painless, gentle techniques for a variety of procedures. If caught early enough, we can actually stop a cold-sore outbreak from happening. Learn more about cold-sore laser therapy.

"Our commitment is to put you in control of your comfort, health, and happiness. Today's dentistry is virtually pain-free. It should also be anxiety-free."

Our location

About us

In 2004, Dr. Lance R. Schmidt set out to create a clinical environment that focused on both compassion and excellence.

Full sedation options, dental implants, child dentistry, same day dental crowns with CEREC®, Kor® Teeth Whitening, Myobrace®, and Invisalign® all offered under one roof.

A caring team committed to treating patients’ dental needs in the larger context of a happy and healthy life.

Clinic promises

  • Less than five minute wait time
  • We'll do everything we can to eliminate anxiety and make you comfortable
  • If you're in pain, raise your hand during the procedure, and we will stop immediately to get you more numb before proceeding
  • We'll always give you the treatment recommendation we'd give to one of our own family members

Our mission

Changing lives through compassion and excellent dentistry. Healthy teeth and healthy mouths translate to healthy and happy lives far more readily than many realize. 

It’s that moment you see yourself for the first time afterwards. Your procedure has now given to you the ability to smile confidently, eat the food you want and need, or simply go to bed without pain. 

We change lives everyday.