Dental Savings Plan

A beautiful smile is a priceless investment that we recognize is valuable to you, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to afford the care you need to maintain it. That’s why we offer the Dental Savings Plan. Through this membership, individuals, couples, and entire families can enjoy savings on services under a fixed annual cost.

We believe that patients with and without insurance deserve a healthy, happy, beautiful smile and we are beyond delighted to offer this through our plan in Oklahoma City, OK. Read below to find out more.

Dental Savings Plan

Plan Inclusions

As part of your membership payment, you will receive these services at no cost each year.

Additional Savings

In addition to the above plan inclusions, you will also enjoy exclusive savings on many other treatments available in our office. These include the below services.


Additional preventive procedures on our Dental Savings Plan with 15% off

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! With our plan, you can maximize your dental health and never say no to the care you want or need due to costs.

Because our plan is not an
insurance plan, there are:

Total Annual Plan Costs*

This Dental Savings Plan is only recognized at Reflections Dental Care, and it is not valid in other dental offices. Call today to enroll and start saving immediately!

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