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Lance Schmidt, DDS

Preventive Care vs. Reactive Care

Nicole here! I’d like to show you the difference between preventive and reactive dental care. First, let’s talk definitions. Preventive (adj.): designed to keep something undesirable such as

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Lance Schmidt, DDS

A Lasting Smile Implanted

She complained that she had bad teeth her entire life. Regardless of how often she brushed, flossed, and even went to the dentist on regular

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Meet the team

About us

General dentistry in Oklahoma City. In 2004, Dr. Lance R. Schmidt set out to create a clinical environment that focused on both compassion and excellence.

We offer full sedation options, dental implants, child dentistry, same day dental crowns with CEREC®, Kor® Whitening, Myobrace®, and Invisalign® all offered under one roof.

We are a caring team committed to treating patients’ dental needs in the larger context of a happy and healthy life. 

Clinic promises

  • Less than five minute wait time
  • We'll do everything we can to eliminate anxiety and make you comfortable
  • If you're in pain, raise your hand during the procedure, and we will stop immediately to get you more numb before proceeding
  • We'll always give you the treatment recommendation we'd give to one of our own family members

Our mission

We change lives through compassion and excellent dentistry. Healthy teeth and healthy mouths translate to healthy and happy lives far more readily than many realize. 

It’s that moment you see yourself for the first time afterwards. Your procedure has now given to you the ability to smile confidently, eat the food you want and need, or simply go to bed without pain. 

We change lives everyday.