Cost Analysis Continuous vs. Reactionary by Ali

When you think about the large investments in your life, you probably would agree that they are worth insuring. Your car, your house, and your health are just a couple of examples of the things most people protect with some sort of insurance. What is interesting is that the average American spends thousands of dollars on dental care, yet has no type of insurance plan for that care.
For example, let’s say you have had two crowns placed on two molars.  At this point, with orthodontic treatment and two crowns, you have invested thousands of dollars into your mouth and body health. I’m sure you can agree that it is important to protect this investment. However, if you are sleeping without a night guard you might be actively choosing to not protect your investment. 
Most people clench or grind their teeth at night. The pressure of clenching can cause multiple problems, especially if you have any type of dental work within your mouth. Clenching can cause things like fillings and crowns to crack while grinding your teeth can break down natural tooth structure. The best way to protect both your natural teeth and any dental work within your mouth that you have invested in is a nightguard.  Reflections Dental Care custom night guards are less than half the cost of a crown.
While it is possible to buy a night guard at your local pharmacy, like most things, a custom-fit night guard is the best option. Your Oklahoma City dentist can take impressions and make a nightguard that not only will last longer than its store-bought competitor but also will do a better job of protecting your investment. Custom night guards also protect your jaw’s joints in a way that over-the-counter versions cannot.  Next time you visit your dentist at Reflections Dental Care, ask about your night guard options, and protect your investment!
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