The Award for Worst Part of Going to the Dentist Goes To…

Up until recently, the worst part of going to the dentist was up for debate. Some people would argue that it was definitely the shots, while others would insist it was the awful noises. However, thanks to new technology, there is finally a clear winner for the award of “Worst Part of Going to the Dentist”.

Unless you are part of the, like, 0.4% of the population with perfect dental hygiene, incredible genes, and bacteria resistant teeth, you will most likely have to experience the wonder of having dental work performed to restore your teeth. Dentists around the world will argue that a clean, dry environment is ideal for such restoration work.

Historically, dentists have used methods such as hand-held suction, gauze, and retracting your tongue with their mirror, to maintain an ideal environment. But, thanks to recent advances in isolation techniques we now have… the Isodry.


The Isodry may seem intimidating at first but there’s nothing to worry about. The Isodry has one job and that is to control the humidity in an environment where bacteria are our enemy.

In fact, the Isodry has really revolutionized dental restorations. Thanks to the amount of isolation dentists are able to enjoy when using it, your restorations, like fillings and crowns, last much longer.

Saliva is full of bacteria, and when your Oklahoma City dentist is able to keep it away from their work-site, the chance of new decay around the restoration is greatly minimized. The Isodry is definitely a necessity.

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