Teeth Whitening at Reflections Dental Care

Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth, or have a special event coming up that you’d like to whiten for? Have you ever been interested in teeth whitening? If you have, ask your dental professionals at Reflections Dental Care! We have many options to satisfy your whitening needs!

There are different levels of whitening that we offer. We base this on what you are trying to achieve and the condition of your teeth. This is how we recommend which method of whitening will best suit your smile. If you are just wanting to brighten up your smile, we recommend our Whitening for Life program. We make you custom-fit whitening trays and you receive 3 tubes of whitening gel. You will whiten at home until all the gel is gone. The best part is, if you stay on your regular six-month cleanings you will receive 1 tube of whitening gel at each visit! We also have another take-home option for whitening, it is called KoR Home. With the KoR Home whitening system, you receive custom take-home trays and 2 tubes of whitening gel. We recommend this system for patients who are looking for a ‘Hollywood white’ smile. Both are highly recommended take-home options based on the needs of the patient.

If you are looking for a quicker way to whiten, we offer 2 different types of whitening. We have Boost and KoR, we recommend both for different reasons. Boost Whitening offers immediate results, however, not everyone responds the same to the whitening agent so results may vary. We recommend this system to those who we think will respond best to it. The other whitening system we recommend is KoR. Similar to Boost, it is a whitening system. However, It is a more rigorous process, but achieving that ‘Hollywood smile’ is well worth it. With the KoR you will receive the custom trays to whiten at home for 2 weeks followed by the in-office whitening. When recommending Boost or KoR whitening, we put patient needs first and recommend what we think will be your best teeth whitening fit.

If you have ever been interested in whitening, call our Oklahoma City dental clinic today (405) 563-7097) for a complimentary whitening consultation. Our staff will happily help guide you toward the right whitening system for your needs!
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