Water Flossing

You may have noticed at your last dental appointment, your dental hygienist telling you about this thing called a water flosser. At Reflections Dental Care, we want to take a moment to discuss with you exactly what a water flosser is and why it is so beneficial.

If there is one thing we have learned in the years of practicing dental hygiene, it is that the good majority of patients hate flossing and therefore don’t do it. It can be uncomfortable and ineffective if you aren’t using the proper technique or flossing often enough. There can also be areas that are hard to reach. Thanks to the water flosser, you don’t ever have to use string floss again.

When learning to use a water flosser, think of it like a pen and a piece of paper. Meaning, point the tip where the water comes out at a 90 degree angle towards the gumline, and trace the gumline like you are tracing a line on a piece of paper with a pen. Let the water flow between the teeth for a couple of seconds before moving on to tracing the next tooth.

Just like brushing, use the water flosser on both the cheek side and the tongue side of your teeth. To elevate your water flossing experience, try adding some mouthwash to the water reservoir.

Water flossers are a great addition to everyone’s daily routine! They are especially helpful to those in orthodontics and those with crowns, dental implants or bridges. There are many brands and types of water flossers on the market. At RDC we always encourage our patients to do their research and get the one that suits their needs best. There are tons of water flosser options, some even cordless! If you get your water flosser and have questions, don’t hesitate to call OKC dentist at (405) 563-7097!


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