Continuous Care - teeth cleanings & exams

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Every six months, you’ll be able to schedule your Continuous Care teeth cleaning & exam and walk out with a zero balance. Smile Care Members enjoy included, professional teeth cleanings every six months.

One of our three, experienced and caring doctors will also provide you with a comprehensive exam every six months. This is an opportunity for you to stay aware of any potential problems that could be developing without you even knowing it. Patients who prevent are able to save far more in the long run than those who wait until they are already in pain to seek treatment. 

X-Rays are one of the best ways to get out in front of any potential problems. That’s why we include all required x-rays into the cost of your membership. Panos, periapicals, and itewings are included at the frequency or recommendation of your doctor. 

But you can’t predict the future 100% and for those times when you are in pain or have an expected accident, we’ve also included limited/emergency exams into the cost of a Smile Care Membership. 

In addition to all the other great benefits of joining our Smile Care plan, all members enjoy an additional 10% off all other treatments across the board. 

per month

  • $35 activation fee
  • $33/month automatic payment
  • Sign-up online or in-office
  • This plan will auto-debit your payment card monthly
  • Perio Memberships are also available at a rate of $49/mo. A doctor will help you determine which membership you will need at time of your first exam
$ 100 +
Annual Savings

per year

  • $0 activation fee
  • $395/year
  • Sign-up in-office
  • This plan will NOT auto-debit your payment card
  • Perio Memberships are also available at a rate of $451/year. A doctor will help you determine which membership you will need at time of your first exam
$ 100 +
Annual Savings
Patrick Hart
Patrick Hart
19:55 27 Feb 18
The staff is always very cheerful and happy to assist in any way needed. They make you feel like more than a customer.
Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry
17:25 12 Feb 18
The team at Reflections Dental is professional, helpful, compassionate and skilled from Veronica their Dental Assistant to Lindsay their Treatment Coordinator to Dr. Marie Bockus DDS. everyone on their team has been wonderful. Dr. Kimberly Greenlee DDS helped me when the veneer on my front tooth needed to be replaced. I was so frantic when it broke unexpectedly. Even though I was a brand new patient they worked me into their schedule that same day to install a temporary veneer so I could resume my job. I work as a fundraiser so my worst nightmare would be meeting with a donor with half of my front tooth missing. When it came time to create and put on the new veneer Dr. Greenlee was so patient with me. She graciously answered all of my questions and made sure I was completely comfortable with the entire procedure. Her attention to detail and desire to get the color matched perfectly to my other teeth was much appreciated. My family members have commented how well this veneer was made, matched and installed. I like to think of myself as a happy person who loves to laugh so everyone who meets me sees my smile so the appearance of my teeth is important to me. I am grateful to the entire team at Reflections Dental for not only replacing my veneer with an exquisite match, but also for taking care of my teeth and mouth all year long. I would highly recommend Reflections Dental to anyone looking for a high quality dentist with hearts for their patients well being.read more
Bianca Nicole
Bianca Nicole
18:32 29 Jan 18
Wonderful caring staff. Dental work is A+, I've been to several dentist in this city and they don't hold a candle to any of the dentists here.
Victoria Edmond
Victoria Edmond
17:52 04 Dec 17
Very helpful , professional and precise. They walked me through each and every step I will definitely be back thank you !
Rachel Delp
Rachel Delp
08:00 19 Oct 17
Reflections was easily the best dental experience I have ever had. They were friendly, considerate of the anxiety I felt about dental work, and were thorough in all of their explanations about my care. Everyone was so helpful and kind. I will be recommending them often!read more
Hillary Foster
Hillary Foster
19:11 05 Oct 17
I was recommended to this office by a friend and I am so glad I made the switch! They are very caring, gentle and efficient. I have been to other offices that are impossible to get an appointment with, but at Reflections I was able to have my first appointment within a week of calling the office. The front desk staff is incredibly kind, prompt and knowledgeable. They take time to explain your bill to you and don't force you into anything that you aren't comfortable with. I have worked with two different hygienists so far and both ladies did an outstanding job! While at my appointment, I was chatting with my hygienist and she was able to recall everything we spoke about and relay it correctly to the dentist when she came in the room to do her exam. When you leave this office you feel like you're leaving a friends house (a friend that knows a lot about your teeth, haha!). I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!! Can't recommend them enough! Thank you, Reflections!read more
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Frequently asked questions

We file with all insurances and would be happy to help you. Call our office at (405) 563-7097 to get your complimentary benefits check.

We are happy to provide qualified patients with an in-house payment plan. Make monthly payments and spread out the cost over time. Not based on credit. Call our office or contact us via chat or our online form for more information.

Your comfort is our top priority. We understand that anxiety can be a major barrier to receiving the treatment you need. We offer all the traditional options plus a few more advanced like full sedation (sleep dentistry).

Unfortunately, we are not accepting SoonerCare patients at this time.

Like any treatment, there isn’t a one size fits all treatment plan. Every patient’s needs are different and planning a dental implant case is certainly no simple task. We welcome you to schedule a dental implants consultation whereafter we will be able to provide you with a customized treatment plan along with an estimate of total costs. 

We gladly see child patients!

We are always accepting new patients! Schedule online or request an appointment today. 

About us

They’re the Oklahoma City dentists who care.

In 2004, Dr. Lance R. Schmidt set out to create a clinical environment that focused on both compassion and excellence.

Full sedation options, dental implants, child dentistry, same day dental crowns with CEREC®, Kor® Whitening, Myobrace®, and Invisalign® all offered under one roof.

A caring team committed to treating patients’ dental needs in the larger context of a happy and healthy life. 

Our mission

Changing lives through compassion and excellent dentistry. Healthy teeth and healthy mouths translate to healthy and happy lives far more readily than many realize. 

It’s that moment you see yourself for the first time afterwards. Your procedure has now given to you the ability to smile confidently, eat the food you want and need, or simply go to bed without pain. 

We change lives everyday. 

Clinic promises

  • Less than five minute wait time
  • We'll do everything we can to eliminate anxiety and make you comfortable
  • If you're in pain, raise your hand during the procedure, and we will stop immediately to get you more numb before proceeding
  • We'll always give you the treatment recommendation we'd give to one of our own family members