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Emergency Exam & X-Ray

– Oklahoma City, OK $59 Emergency Exam & X-Ray* *New patients only. *This exam focuses solely on the area of concern. If you are in need of a complete examination, this will require a different appointment. Book Appointment In the event of a dental emergency, acting quickly can mean the difference between saving a smile …

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Our Core Values

Respect Respect is the foundation of every relationship. Always present, respect is reflected from a place of value and gratitude through chivalry and honoring commitments. It is knowing each team member’s role is of equal importance. It is knowing each patient, no matter their demographic, is of equal importance. It is being confident in one’s …

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https://smcclientbroll.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Patient+-+CHARLA+ARMSTRONG+TESTIMONIAL.mp4https://smcclientbroll.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Patient+-+KEVEN+BREWSTER+TESTIMONIAL.mp4https://smcclientbroll.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Patient+-+LINDA+TESTIMONIAL.mp4  5/5 Reflections Dental is the best dental office I’ve ever been too! High quality service, professionalism, and lots of warmth and care too! Highly recommend! Both locations great and ALL the doctors and hygienists are great too! I love that I can see any doctor or hygienist and get great care! Front and …

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Membership Plan

A beautiful smile is a priceless investment that we recognize is valuable to you, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to afford the care you need to maintain it. That’s why we offer the Smile Care Savings Plan. Through this offer, you can receive discounted rates and inclusions under a fixed annual or monthly cost. …

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Root Canal Therapy

Most patients who are afraid of undergoing a root canal hold onto a common misconception that the process is painful and invasive. While the idea of the procedure may seem daunting, the reality is that root canals are responsible for alleviating pain— not causing it. Root canal therapy is designed to treat discomfort caused by …

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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a fairly prevalent condition that has the potential of being quite destructive when left untreated. Despite its common nature, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the United States. As the name implies, gum disease is characterized by an array of symptoms affecting the gums and supporting …

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General Dentistry

General dentistry services encompass all routine, preventative, and treatment options that are designed to promote a healthy, long-lasting smile. Each of these service options is listed below, where you will also find additional details so that you are fully aware of your options when it comes time for you to visit us for your appointment. …

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Dental Sedation

Our philosophy at Reflections Dental Care is to always do what’s best for our patients. This means that providing phenomenal care is always important, but along with that, we prioritize patient comfort. This keeps the experience positive and contributive to the patient’s health while establishing a healthy relationship with dentistry. Despite our guaranteed gentle touch, …

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The smile is one of the most important features of the face; not only is a well-cared-for smile attractive, but it also conveys happiness and reflects inner confidence. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can work together to build a smile you’re excited to show off; a smile that is whiter, brighter, and healthier is one that …

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