Meet Myobrace®: the natural way to straighten teeth

A treatment that helps children develop straight teeth, get better sleep, and develop normally

myobraceMyobrace looks like a mouthguard but can provide results the same as wire or clear braces. It works by retraining the muscles in the mouth to behave normally. It comes to us from a team of researchers in Australia and we are one of the only dentists in OKC to offer it.


So, our kids can develop some bad habits when they are very young. Many factors can contribute to this. Often these habits are developed with the use of a binky (pacifier) or from breathing through the mouth while at rest, rather than the nose.


“Myobrace® is designed to be worn just one hour a day…”


Regardless, the muscles in our face are intended to behave a certain way and when they do not, normal developmental growth cannot occur. This can lead to all sorts of problems. Mouth-breathing is a big one. But more damaging and long-lasting effects can also occur such as a retruded chin and overcrowded (crooked) teeth.



result of my-o-brace treatment

A boys retruded chin, before and after Myobrace® treatment.


Myobrace® can help retrain the muscles in the face as a child is still growing and their face is still developing. This can provide significant benefits for the child’s appearance and overall health. It can change their lives by helping them develop a symmetrical, attractive face in addition to having a beautiful smile.


Myobrace® is designed to be worn just one hour a day, and the child will progress through three phases of treatment. Exercises will also be performed in the clinic to further train the child to properly breathe, swallow, and speak.


before and after myobraceAll of this works together in a way that brings so many positive results that we can’t even name them all here. Enter your email below to get more information or call us at (405) 751-4556 to schedule an initial consultation with me.


– Marie Bockus, DDS

dr bockus dentist okc

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Jillian Rodesney
Jillian Rodesney
02:27 29 Mar 17
From the minute I walked in I had an amazing experience! I liked the tour of the office so I could see everything and know where I'd be treated. The dental assistant was attentive and very polite the whole time. Dr. Schmidt explained every little thing. He was very meticulous and detail oriented! I love the bonding he did on my teeth! This is a great office!
Joseph Hardgrave
Joseph Hardgrave
20:48 25 Jan 17
I had not been to the dentist in years and I can honestly say that my first visit back at a dentist was 100% more pleasant than I imagined. The technicians were all very pleasant, helpful, and thorough. The receptionists was happy and nice, and Dr. Schmidt was very patient and explained everything very well. I knew I needed one filling and I got another two filings that were needed. Getting three fillings isn't awesome, but they made it as pleasant as possible and I will be going back. Great experience, nearly perfect! The only complaint I have is that their chairs are not very comfortable.
Michelle Mazaheri Williams
Michelle Mazaheri Williams
15:45 25 Apr 17
Wonderful, friendly people and excellent care. The facility is top of the line and Nicole was so sweet and explained everything clearly. I'd highly recommend!
Savaughn King
Savaughn King
18:45 20 Apr 17
All of the staff were amazingly nice. They are very informative and thorough with the exams! They work on getting you in at a time that best suits your needa
Christy Reed
Christy Reed
19:36 21 Jan 17
Today I saw Betsy for the first time. I am 58 years old, and I must say Betsy is the most conscientious hygienist I have ever had. She is gentle and very aware of problem areas. I felt very comfortable in her chair. Thanks Betsy, I loved visiting with you too!
Chizoba Obiesie
Chizoba Obiesie
19:54 28 Apr 17
My second visit here & it has been an awesome experience. I love that the hospitality here which makes you feel very welcomed and at home. Everyone here has a great sense of humor and my hygeniest Cassie is the best. She takes her time to explain the process & makes it look like a piece of cake even though she plans to numb you. Lol. Overall I love this place and I look forward to my next appiontment. I wish there were 10 stars.. They deserve it. PS: If you do visit, they have a gift for all 1st timers..
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