COVID-19 Mouth Health = Body Health

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that began last spring many people delayed routine dental care. What we have learned over the past year though is that there’s more than one way to get sick during the pandemic – you can contract the virus, as millions of Americans have, or you can get sick due to neglecting routine health care. Unfortunately disease does not wait to worsen or flare up until after the pandemic is over. Early detection of disease leads to conservative treatment.  Delayed diagnosis leads to aggressive and more costly treatment.  For example, what would have been a small filling has now turned into an extraction or inflammation of the gums into incurable periodontal disease which has widespread effects on your body. The pandemic continues to remind us how important it is to maintain health.  Mouth health is body health.

Problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body and your oral health often offers clues about your overall health. Your mouth can display signs of infection, nutritional deficiencies and systemic diseases. For example, your dentist may notice mouth lesions or other mouth problems that are caused by diabetes or other diseases before you’ve been diagnosed because they lower the body’s resistance to infection causing more severe mouth conditions. Tooth decay and periodontal disease also play a role in some diseases and have been connected to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia. Because mouth health is so closely linked with systemic health problems, routine dental care is an important step in maintaining your overall health. 

Beyond your physical wellbeing, your mouth’s health also affects your mental and social health. 23% of adults avoid smiling or feel anxious about the appearance of their teeth. At Reflections Dental Care in Oklahoma City, we are passionate about giving our patients the ability to smile confidently, eat the food you want or need, and go about your day without pain. We believe these things are life changing and critical for our patients’ overall happiness and health. 

If you have been putting off your dental exam due to COVID  stop waiting and schedule your appointment – we would be honored to partner with you in keeping your mouth and body healthy. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, simply visit us online or give us a call! 

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