Dental Anxiety – How We Can Help!

If going to the dentist gives you anxiety you are not alone, and we want to help you to not feel this way! At Reflections Dental Care in Oklahoma City, we pride ourselves on being empathetic and respectful to our patients. We will not dismiss, minimize, or judge you or your anxiety. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist because your visit is long overdue, know that we will not shame, judge, or “you should have…” you. If you are anxious about experiencing pain during your visit we happily offer a variety of sedation options to keep you comfortable. Our goal is to make everyone’s visit as comfortable, relaxed, and painless as we would want our own to be.

One of the sedation services we offer is oral conscious sedation, which is a prescribed pill that our patients take before their appointment to reduce stress and pain. The pill helps patients fully relax for a few hours, though we can only estimate with this option how long it will last and how effective it will be. 

If you have moderate anxiety during your appointment, we can offer nitrous oxide which is an easy to wear nasal mask. Nitrous oxide is effective, safe for patients of all ages including children, and allows you to safely drive home after your visit. 

One of the incredible things about Reflections Dental Care is that we can offer general anesthesia and IV sedation through our partnership with a dental anesthesiologist. If you want to go to sleep and wake up after everything is done with no memory of it, this is for you. General sedation, which is the deepest level of sedation available, is a great way to eliminate pain. General sedation uses the same technology you would find in an outpatient or hospital setting. Truly, this is the deepest level of sedation and offers the gift of no memory of the actual dental procedure. We also use IV sedation for patients who need to have several procedures completed in a single visit. Both are very safe, though some patients experience very low levels of nausea afterward and we will require someone to safely drive you to and from the appointment while the sedation wears off.

If you have been anxious about your checkup or dental procedure we’d love to partner with you in taking care of your mouth while also taking care of any anxiety you may be feeling. Any member of our team is happy to assist you with questions, concerns, or problems you’re having.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, simply visit us online or give us a call! 

Reflections Dental Care
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