Dental Implants – As Close to Permanent As You Can Get

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry. In the past, we would do everything we could to save a tooth. That might include: root canal therapy, buildups, crowns, orthodontic extrusion, and even crown lengthening periodontal surgery. We were forced in the past to be heroes in saving teeth that were severely broken down. In the end, the tooth was compromised structurally. Therefore, their investment of time money and dental experiences gave them a tooth that was not so durable. Dr. Kaltio from Franklin Cosmetic Dentistry once stated, “With dental implants you get as close to permanent dentistry in OKC as you can, because the implant sets the proper foundation for the tooth/teeth”.

Bad Oral Hygiene Causes Breakdown

Not all teeth fail because of engineering. Lots of teeth fail because of cavities, created by mouth neglect. Cavities are the number one infectious disease worldwide. So, when these structurally compromised teeth are older they become failed teeth. They create an unwinnable situation, but implants are changing that. Implants are restoring mouth functionality and maximizing smiles through creating lasting structure.

Why Implants Are a Long-Term Solution

Structurally, an implant is incredibly durable. There are very very few complications that occur from a structural standpoint regarding implants. The surgical grade of titanium that is used is biocompatible and durable. The current engineering design of implants is the best it’s ever been. The current biological design of implants, their services, is the best that it’s ever been.

Flexibility With Implants

You can replace single teeth with implants. You can replace groups of teeth with implants. You can replace the entire upper or lower teeth with implants. Implants are able to restore your full mouth functionality. It’s single-handedly revolutionized dentures, as well. For those that still where denture implants it improves their fit and retention. Implants can completely support a full arch of teeth that don’t have to be removed, don’t cause sore spots on the gums, allow for eating the foods that one loves, allow for talking in socials situations with complete confidence. Bottom line, implants get as close to permanent dentistry as you can get.

Your Dental Implant Solution

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– Lance R Schmidt D.D.S.

A native of Oklahoma City, Dr. Schmidt attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Sport Sciences. In continued pursuit of his dreams, Dr. Schmidt went on to earn a Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

Dr. Schmidt’s commitment to excellence was evident even during his educational years, during which time he was awarded one of five spaces in the renowned Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program. He attributes his ongoing excellence in dentistry partly to the twelve months spent dedicated to the comprehensive, high-level learning, which covered general care, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction and, his special interest in dental implants.

Dr. Schmidt holds membership with the American Dental Association and the Spear Study Club. A few times a year, he completes advanced training at the prestigious Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. Dr. Schmidt has also served as Board President for the Redbud Classic (2013).

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