Invisalign – Restoring Smiles & Function

Straightening teeth has long been a divisive issue among dental patients due to the intrusive nature and social stigma of traditional braces.

Invisalign has revolutionized straightening teeth by using clear aligners, allowing you to maintain your smile and self-esteem throughout the entire straightening process. Yet, too often patients who desire straight teeth will delay their treatment. Some patients will even opt for temporary solutions. Do the temporary solutions cause more damage and impact mouth function? How is Invisalign restoring long-term mouth health?

Temporary Retainers Are A Temporary Solution

For patients still reluctant to try Invisalign, we ask them if they would consider wearing a temporary retainer until they’re ready to get into Invisalign treatment in Oklahoma City. The temporary retainers that we would suggest hold teeth in the position that they’re currently in, so that when and if they decide to move forward with an Invisalign treatment, their teeth are held in position. We can stop the progression of the teeth moving, which means – in the end – should a patient choose to do Invisalign treatment, that it’s less costly because they’ll have less time in actual treatment.

Shifting Teeth Leads to Crowded Teeth

The teeth naturally – in most people – want to push forward and crowd over time, especially in the lower front teeth. It’s just a part of being human. It will get more severe over time, in particular when one lower front tooth shifts pushing past another. When all the teeth are lined up, there’s a little bit of resistance to the crowding because they’re all edge-to-edge and holding together. However, when one tooth pops loose past another, then it’s like a domino effect when they can start crowding at a more accelerated rate.

Aesthetics Can Restore Function

The benefits of moving teeth back into proper position are improved aesthetics and a better smile. Typically, aesthetics receives all of the credit for straightening. When really, the reality is that function is the best reason. In architecture, form always follows function and the same is true in the mouth. God, in his infinite wisdom, knew that when things were lined up exactly right that the secondary benefit is that it looks great. When there are good forces put on the teeth from having them aligned, there is less risk of the teeth breaking or cracking. Over time, shifting teeth/crowding leads to poor bite and poor function. That leads to uneven wear, as well as gum loss. A certain amount of space has to be between the teeth so that the bone has enough circulation to get between the teeth, nourish the bone, and nourish the gums that are holding the teeth in the mouth.

Invisalign Creates Better Function and Cleaning Ability

Better function and cleaning ability from Invisalign straightening leads too less potential for a recession of the bone and gums. When you have less recession, there is less risk associated with developing more sensitive teeth. Recession causing root exposure is typically associated with increased risk for having really sensitive teeth, and also increased risk for developing cavities. That root structure has 700 times more risk for cavities than the enamel does, so that the root surface is certainly a lot more susceptible to cavities.

With Invisalign, it is possible to close gaps, straighten turned teeth, and correct certain bite issues. The achievement of goals is easy and comfortable. When you feel good about your smile, your whole life can change for the better!

Lance R. Schmidt D.D.S. is the owner/proprietor of Reflections Dental Care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Call 405-751-4556 to set up a consultation or visit a dental clinic in OKC for more information. Follow us on Twitter.

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