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Permanent Dentistry Focused

Dental implants from Reflections Dental Care OKC can get you as close as possible to your natural teeth. With dental implants, it becomes possible to feel confident in your smile again. Your teeth will look and feel natural by replacing missing teeth roots, restoring full mouth functionality for comfort and confidence. Enjoy a wider variety of foods, and understand why implants are replacing appliances to create the closest thing to permanent teeth that you can get

dental implants okcMore dental implant benefits:

No more sore spots on gums caused by appliances

Implants don’t get cavities

As close to permanent as there is

No more bridge replacement every 10 years

Advanced Oklahoma City Dental Implants Dentistry

Dental implants have been Dr. Schmidt’s special interest since dental school, where he was one of only five students accepted into the Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program at the University of Oklahoma. His level of training and industry leading knowledge, has empowered his patients to change the way they approach their long term dental health.

How Dental Implants Work

A consultation is set up with the doctor to review your goals. Once goals are set, a surgical grade titanium post is fused into the jawbone. Once your jawbone has healed, we are able to perform the implant procedure. After the implant has been properly prepped, we place a crown over the implant to secure the tooth and mouth structure. In the natural oral structure, teeth, their roots, and the jawbone are all mutually beneficial. The bone holds teeth in position and the roots transfer stimulation from chewing to bone tissue. Without this stimulation through the roots then bone loss will occur. Dental implants preserve bone.

All-on-4 Denture Replacement

Dentures are a thing of the past. Allon4 is a revolutionary dental treatment where we permanently restore your smile due to dentures, decay, or a multitude of other reasons. Instead of one implant, Allon4 requires multiple implants. Benefits of Allon4:

Say goodbye to dentures

Eat the types of food you desire

Strengthen bone with implants

No more soreness or tissue inflammation

Restore your smile

The Science of Tooth Replacement

In one study on tooth replacement, the same sixty participants rated the various conditions of toothlessness. Obviously, natural teeth rated 100 percent in terms of satisfaction and function. When participants had no remaining natural teeth, function and satisfaction decreased to 0 percent. Tooth replacement with dentures brought the rating up to 10 percent. After the placement of a few dental implants to support a removable denture, participants rated function and satisfaction at 60 percent. The final survey involved the placement of additional dental implants to support a fixed denture. At this point, functionality and satisfaction rose to 90 percent. If you have worn dentures in the past, you will be freed of discomforts such as sore spots on the gums. You will also be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods without concern that dentures may slip. The team at Reflections Dental Care can help you renew your sense of confidence. Call our office at 405-563-7097 to learn more about dental implants in Oklahoma City.

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