Invisalign OKC

invisalign okc

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you and you should be able to show your bright smile without hesitation. When you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you smile a whole lot less. Invisalign reinvigorates your confidence in your smile.

Smile with Confidence

We have worked with many patients who once hid their smiles in embarrassment over the appearance of their smile. Braces would work, but they only draw more attention to your smile. Invisalign solves your problem. The realignment process with Invisalign is rather seamless to add to your daily dental regimen. Most importantly, the transformation that occurs with Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is not just physical, but enriching psychologically.

A History of Success

Reflections Dental Care has offered Invisalign since 2006. In that time, more and more people have realized their smile goals using this system due to improvements in technology and technique. The Invisalign system has quickly become so popular due to:

Realign overcrowding

Close gaps and correct bite issues

Straighten crooked teeth with comfortable goals

Designed for constant wear

Removable for brushing and flossing and for meals

How It Works

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation in our Oklahoma City dental practice. During this visit, you can discuss with Dr. Schmidt the goals and expectations you have for your smile. When the degree of correction meets the capabilities of Invisalign, your road to an amazing smile is only a few simple steps away. We start with digital photographs and impressions of your teeth. Once we make a precise digital animation  of your teeth, the animation reveals the projected movements of your teeth, so we can create an estimate for completion of treatment. Most Invisalign patients achieve their goals in 6-12 months of regular wear.

Invisalign Is Your Solution

With Invisalign, it is possible to close gaps, straighten turned teeth, and correct certain bite issues. The achievement of goals is easy and comfortable. When you feel good about your smile, your whole life can change for the better!

Take that first step in achieving your smile goals.